Prof. Chantal Pichon, French National Centre for Scientific Research, France, awarded by International Society of Microbiota

International Society of Microbiota (ISM) is honored to announce the winner of the Scientific Contribution Award for the year 2019, Prof. Chantal Pichon from French National Centre for Scientific Research, University of Orléans, France.

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Prof. Chantal Pichon gave an excellent communication during the 7th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota 2019, which was held in Krakow, Poland, on the Dialogue between the skin and the microbiota: The immune system is under control

Testimonial of Prof. Pichon:
"I am indebted to the organizers for inviting me to speak at Targeting Microbiota and giving me the award. It was an inspiring and very high level conference. Cutting Edge research projects have been presented indicating how fast is growing the knowledge in the field and how we could together tackle the challenges on developing novel therapies based on microbiota interaction with our body."

Oral presentation of Prof. Chantal Pichon during Targeting Microbiota 2019:
The skin, the largest organ of our body is also the outermost barrier of the organism. It protects from external harm and senses danger signals. It contains a sophisticated immune system that involves armada of immune cells comprising keratinocytes, resident antigen-presenting cell, innate lymphoid cells, innate-like cells, and adaptive tissue-resident memory cells and molecular mediators. The skin hosts also microbial communities recognized as skin microbiota that constitutes one living response barrier to environmental factors. Those microorganisms live in complete harmony with the immune players and are involved in the epithelial barrier reinforcement. Under homeostasis, an established alliance of immunity and microbiota intermingles innate and adaptive branches of the immune system. Under various types of stress, the symbiotic relationship changes into a dysbiotic one resulting in skin disorders. The talk will be focused on the cutaneous immune system from cellular to molecular actors and how skin microbiota can acts to limit pathogenic microbial invasion and to promote various aspects of immune responses.

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