Program of Targeting Microbiota 2024

Program ISM 2024

Join the International Society of Microbiota for its 11th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota, on October 14-15 at Corinthia Palace Malta!

Preliminary Program

Day 1 - Monday, October 14, 2024

Key note Speaker: 
The Kingdom of Microbiome: Where we are now and where we are heading?  Messages & Perspectives

Session 1:
Investigating the Role of Microbiota in Health & Disease: Mechanistic Insights and Recent Developments

Session 2:
Integrating One Health Approach: Environment, Animals and Human Lifestyle Factors in Health Strategy

Day 2 - Tuesday, October 15, 2024 

Session 3:
Advancements in Microbiome Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

   a. Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT): Clinical Applications, Regulation and Insights

   b. Probiotics in Health & Disease Management: Strain-Specific Efficacy and Challenges

   c. Metabolites Analysis: Characterization and Synthetic Approaches for Clinical and Nutritional Research

   d. Phage Therapy: Emerging Applications and Challenges

   e. Extracellular Vesicles and Exosomes: Where is the Target?

Session 4: 

Workshop: Probiotic & Prebiotic Prescribing Practices: Empowering Medical Doctors for Improved Patient Health

How Can We Integrate the Latest Research for Optimal Results?
What Are the Challenges and Opportunities in Current Probiotic Use?
How Can Next-Generation Probiotics Transform Patient Care?
How to select and provide the adequate probiotics to patients in 2024?

This specialized workshop will target medical professionals including cardiologists, neurologists, oncologists and others.

More information.

Targeting Microbiota 2024 Awards 

We are confident that the 11th Edition of Targeting Microbiota will be an exceptional meeting. We look forward to meeting you all in sunny Malta!

On behalf of the ISM Scientific Board

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