Tracks for Abstracts Submission

You can submit your abstract for short oral presentation or poster presentation.

The abstract category is the general heading under which an abstract is submitted and reviewed. If accepted, the abstract will be published under this heading in the Convention & Congress Program.

Track 1: Microbiota 2018: Recent Advances & Challenges

How to induce durable beneficial changes in gut microbiota?

What is the importance for prevention and therapy of IBS, IBD, CRC and other GI and liver diseases?

What are the strategic mediators of gut microbiota?

Role of bacterial metabolites

Small intestine microbiota vs colon

Cellular & Molecular Impacts

Microbiota & Immunity: The subtle balance

Microbiota & Mitochondria: The intriguing relationship


Track 2: Non-bacterial components on host health





Track 3: Microbiota sequencing and analyzing

How to interprete the results and where is the golden standard?

New studies from Asia, Africa and South America

Track 4: Challenges of microbiota-host cross-talk understanding and intestinal microbiome signaling to extraintestinal organs

Metabolic Diseases, Impact of gut microbiota on NASH, obesity and diabetes mellitus

Microbiota & Cancer

Microbiota & Neurodegenerative Diseases (Alzheimer‘s disease, Parkinsons‘s disease)

Microbiota brain gut axis in functional diseases of GI tract and psychiatric and neurologic diseases

Microbiota & Liver

Microbiota & Kidney

Microbiota & Lung (asthma and other chronic diesases of the lung)

Microbiota & Skin (gut-skin axis)

Microbiota & Brain

Microbiota & Inflammatory Diseases

Microbiota in the pathogenesis osteoporosis (gut-bone axis)

Microbiota & development of autoimmune diseases


Track 5: Microbiota & medicine of tomorrow

Therapeutic strategies to manipulate the gut microbiota 

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (attributes of the optimal donor, optimal mode of delivery, designed microbiota-based capsule) 

Pre- and probiotics: the agro-food challenge

Bacterial metabolites: the pharmaceutical challenge


Track 6: Phage Therapy


Track 7: Other

Diet, probiotics and prebiotics

CRISPR/Cas system

Quorum sensing

Environment & Food Conservators

Microbiota & Veterinary Medicine


Please don't hesitate to submit your abstract for any other subject related to the microbiota not available on this list.