Targeting Microbiota 2022 Short Oral Presentation Award #2

second best short oral 2022 Abida ZahirovicShort Oral Presentation Award #2

The second ISM 2022 short oral presentation award was discerned to Abida Zahirović, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia, for her talk on "Recombinant Lactic Acid Bacteria for Therapy of Inflammatory Bowel Disease".

 "My future research will be focussed on development of targeted bacterial delivery systems for anticancer agents. In my PostDoc project, I aim to engineer lactic acid bacteria to display cancer cell-specific ligand on their surface and concomitantly secrete cytotoxic protein to achieve selective killing of cancer cells. In vivo tumour-targeting bacteria can increase intratumoral accumulation of a cytotoxic protein, thus restricting its activity to the tumour and sparing healthy tissue from toxic side-effects."

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