The 2016 is approaching to the end and a fantastic year will come...

Merry ChristmasDear estimated Collegues,

The 2016 is approaching to the end and a new fantastic year will come. The 2016 sees in pubmed the amazing amount of more than 4.000 articles regarding the Microbiota….the meaning is that we are on the right way!! Indeed, more and more outstanding experts are continuously involved in the microbioma study and the interest increases day by day, especially in the biomedical field.

Looking at this, we are thinking at the new preliminary program for the next 2017 in order to involve the best scientists around the world, and especially those who are also able to create networks and share informations.

Here further topics we should also focus our attention for the next agenda on 2017:
- Nasal-oral-bronchial microbioma: any markers for healthy?
- Breast microbioma: which future for our children?
- Vaginal microbioma: still lactobacilli?
- Gut microbioma: transplantation, diseases and future evolutions
- Skin microbioma: intestinal or topical solution?
- Organs-gut axes: only brain?
- Technical and bioinformatics tools for studying microbioma
- Guidelines and Miscellanea: right samples for the right microbioma

We hope of course to receive more suggestions and especially productive applications for participating to the 5th International Congress of Microbiota.

Wishing you and you families a prosperous and fruitful new years, best regards and see you soon in Paris.

Prof. Lorenzo Drago
President of ISM