How to Evaluate Skin Microbiota 2021?

From Initiation to Improvement…

Online Workshop

We are pleased to organize a workshop dedicated to Skin Microbiota. The workshop will be interactive and will be recorded to allow large international access to the whole presentations.
You can access the workshop via our online platform if you missed it.

Among the themes which will be addressed :



Session 1: General introduction to the skin microbiota

  • Overviewing skin microbiota in health
  • Skin microbiota assembly and ecology: composition and diversity
  • Interactions between cutaneous microbial species
  • Skin microbiome interactions with host immunity

Session 2: Involvement of the microbiota in skin pathologies

  • Symbiosis versus dysbiosis
  • Deregulation of the microbiota in atopy dermatitis, acne vulgarises and psoraisis, cause or consequence?
  • General presentation of the most used culture methods, their main characteristics,
    their main advantages and disadvantages

Session 3: How to study microbiota and skin microbiota ?

  • Study and research models
  • New high-throughput sequencing tools for microbial fingerprinting
  • General presentation of the most used analysis and sequencing methods to assess the quality and quantity of the skin microbiota

Session 4: The manipulation of microbial communities

  • Biological tools to manipulate the skin microbiota to influence health and dermatological disorders
  • What techniques are used of microbiota manipulations
  • Practical cases

Session 5: How to prepare and launch your range of cosmetic products ?

  • Inventory of cosmetic products on the world market with microbiota
  • Formulation strategies for cosmetic products using a scientific, clinical, and legislative approach
  • The impact of cosmetic products on the skin microbiota


Looking forward to meeting you very soon.



Dr. Florence Abdallah, PhD
University of Paris Sud – INSERM 1184, France

For Information & Registration
Secretariat & Administrative Office
Email: microbiota(at)
Tel: +33 1 55 04 77 55

Skin Workshop & Congress online access

The online workshop was held successfully. If you couldn’t join the live workshop, you can still watch the recorded version of workshop and get the workshop report in PDF format.


Also, you can get access to the Skin Ageing & Challenges Congress with more than 38+ presentations (Majors, Shorts and Posters). If you wish to access all recorded presentations with a list of attendees, questions, and answers sent to speakers, you can register here.


The Workshop report contains all presentations slides presented. You can order the workshop report in PDF format.