Targeting Microbiota 2023 will be held at Isola di San Servolo, Venice, Italy

The 10th World Congress on Targeting Microbiota 2023 will be held on October 17-19 at 

Isola di San Servolo - Centro Soggiorno
 Isola di San Servolo, 30124 Venice, Italy

Targeting Microbiota 2023 Venice 2

More about San Servolo Island

The island of San Servolo, immersed in the lagoon between San Giorgio and the Lido, houses in its rectangle of land a vast architectural complex and a beautiful park. Upon landing, you are immediately dominated by the giant spherical sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro, but in just a few steps everything disappears and you find yourself immersed in greenery, lost in silence and enchanted by the view of the lagoon and the care of the vegetation. 

San Servolo is often selected to be used as an exhibition space and special events, such as the recurring More Festival, a great festival organized by France. The more experimental wing of the Academy of Fine Arts is also housed insidededicated to new technologies. A beautiful evolution for a place that has historically undergone a multitude of functions: from a spiritual refuge for Benedictine monks at the end of the 9th century, evidenced by the construction of a small church, up to a psychiatric hospital (if you can call it that in the 1700s), the main up to the law of Franco Basiglia to whose name the Foundation based in San Servolo is dedicated. 

How to reach the island

San Servolo distance

San Servolo can be reached in 8 to 10 minutes by vaporetto from San Marco, Venice. 

In the heart of one of Venice’s largest parks, it is an ideal place to enjoy a stay in total relaxation, far from the crowded streets of Venice, but at the same time right in the city’s historic centre, opposite Piazza San Marco, the heart of the lagoon city.

More information about the transportation to San Servolo.

Easy Access to Venice

As San Servolo Island is only a 10-minute vaporetto ride away, you can easliy and rapidly access Venice, one of the most famous cities of the world. 

Every corner of Venice is a piece of History, an artwork, a place where to stand for a reflection about how great it was in the past.

Learn more about Venice tourism.  

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