Workshop dedicated to Skin and Microbiota

Skin 2019 CoverThe skin microbiota represents an essential hallmark for skin integrity. Through metagenomic technologies, skin microbiota was shown to outnumber human cells revealing its importance in skin physiology. Indeed, the skin microbial community interacts with the different components of the cutaneous system to provide protection against external insults.

This workshop is made up of two complementary sessions that aims at outlining major findings of skin microbiota and highlighting the importance of skin microbiota modulation for cosmetic application.


The first part
Skin Microbiota : Recent advances and perspectives

This part consists on giving a general overview of the literature for major understandings of skin microbiota including main findings on microbial community composition and plasticity, the crosstalk with skin immune system in health and disease and the current available tools to study skin microbiome diversity.

The second part
Strategies to modulate and affect skin microbiota in health and diseases?

This part  is dedicated to the different possible mechanisms to modify skin microbiota. Since the microbiota is the era of new revolution for the cosmetics and skin care, various cosmetic products composed of probiotics or prebiotics will be presented and discussed.

Finally, an open discussion, questions marks and perspectives in skin microbiology research in health and in disease, and to promote beauty. 

This workshop will be presented by Dr. Florence Abdallah from University Paris-Sud - Inserm U 1184, France.

Among other speakers:

Dialogue between the skin and the microbiota: The immune system is under control
Chantal Pichon, French National Centre for Scientific Research, France

Intestinal barrier, gut microbiota and psoriasis
Mariusz Sikora, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland