Targeting Microbiota 2019 Speakers

Pr. Peter KonturekIntroduction note by the President of ISM Targeting Microbiota 2019

Peter Konturek, Teaching Hospital of the University of Jena, Germany

Markus Egert Targeting Microbiota 2019Special session on Built Environment Microbiome

Markus Egert, Furtwangen University, Germany

Florence ABDALLAH Targeting Microbiota 2019 Skin microbiota 2019: From basics to applied cosmetics and skin care

Florence Abdallah, University Paris-Sud, Inserm, France

Christine Moissl Eichinger Targeting Microbiota 2019International Space Station and hospital environments: Composition and function of microbiomes in confined built environments

Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Medical University Graz, Austria

Romain VILLEGER Targeting Microbiota 2019Microbiota and cancer : between Detection and Prognosis

Romain Villeger, University of Clermont Auvergne, France

Cristina Giaron Targeting Microbiota 2019 updHyaluronan, a new neuroimmune modulator of the microbiota-immune-gut-axis

Cristina Giaroni, University of Insubria, Italy

ELISABETTA CASELLI Targeting Microbiota 2019 v1Modulating the microbiota of the hospital environment by probiotic cleaning: impact on infections and antimicrobial resistance

Elisabetta Caselli, University of Ferrara, Italy

Marcin ufnal Targeting Microbiota 2019 uptGut bacterial metabolites as markers and mediators of cardiovascular aging

Marcin Ufnal, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Elena Comelli Targeting Microbiota 2019microRNA in host-microbiome interaction and probiotics

Elena M Comelli, University of Toronto, Canada

Agata Mulak Targeting Microbiota 2019 updatedBrain-Gut-Microbiota Axis in Alzheimer’s Disease

Agata Mulak,
Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

Chantal Pichon Targeting Microbiota 2019 updDialogue between the skin and the microbiota: The immune system is under control

Chantal Pichon, French National Centre for Scientific Research, France
Mariusz Sikora Targeting Microbiota 2019Intestinal barrier, gut microbiota and psoriasis

Mariusz Sikora,
Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
Dr. Łoniewsk Targeting Microbiota 2019 Psychotropic Drugs and Microbiota - Important and Little Known Interaction

Igor Loniewski
, Pomeranian Medical University, Poland
Souhaila Al Khodor Targeting Microbiota 2019 updRisk for Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases in the Qatari population: Can the salivary microbiome predict it?

Souhaila Al Khodor,
Sidra Medical and Research Center, Qatar
Matteo SERINO Targeting Microbiota 2019Metabolic and Metagenomic Consequences of E. coli Infections

Matteo Serino,
Inserm and Digestive Health Research Institute, France
Jarosław Bilinski Targeting Microbiota 2019Gut microbiota and graft-versus-host disease in patients after bone marrow transplantation: FMT as a prevention or treatment?

Jaroslaw Bilinski
, Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Tomasz M.Karpinski Targeting Microbiota 2019Carcinogenic microbiota of oral cavity
Tomasz M. Karpiński, Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poland


Corporate development in the microbe space: has investment outpaced science?
Peter Bak, Back Bay Life Science Advisors, USA

Fermented Milk by Lactobacillus Delbrueckii Cidca133, Carrying the Vaccinal Plasmid Pexu: Hps65 Ammeliorates Intestinal Mucositis in Murine Model
Mariana Martins Drumond, Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Morphology of Blood Microbiota Accessed by Light and Electron Microscopy
Stefan Panaiotov, National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Bulgaria

Comparison of Fecal Microbiota and Selected Parameters Between Healthy and Postpartum Dysgalactia Syndrome in Sows
Yeong-Hsiang Cheng,
National I-Lan University, Taiwan


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