Journal of ISM - Volume 3 (2016)

The journal of International Society of Microbiota (JISM) contains the abstracts of all participants from the 4th ISM World Congress on Targeting Microbiota.

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Journal of International Society of Microbiota - Volume 3 (2016)

The Abstracts book of ISM vol 3 is only accessible for ISM Members & Attendees of Targeting Microbiota 2016

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Volume 3  contains the following abstracts:
Extended Abstracts:

Abstracts: Access to all abstracts is available only for Targeting Microbiota 2016 attendees & ISM Members

  • lung microbes and their effect on asthma
    Remot Aude, Descamps Delphyne, Noordine Marie-Louise, Boukadiri Abdelhak, Mathieu Elliot, Robert VéRonique, Riffault Sabine, Lambrecht Bart, Langella Philippe, Hammad Hamida, Thomas Muriel
  • metagenomic analyses of microbial succession in the infant's gut
    Pilar Francino
  • faecalibacterium prausnitzii dynamics in the human gut microbiome underlying atopic dermatitis
    Junghyun Hwang, Dongjoo Lee, Hyojung Yi, Han Song, Heenam Stanley Kim
  • the host shapes the gut microbiota via fecal microrna
    Howard L. Weiner, Shirong Liu, Rafael Rezende
  • microbiota & bioinformatics: strategic targets
    Sean Kennedy
  • gut microbiota bone axis: recent advances and perspective
    Elena Comelli
  • the challenges of integrating clinical and microbiome data: examples from gut, oral and nasal microbiota in parkinson's disease
    Velma T. E. Aho, Pedro A. B. Pereira, Lars Paulin, Eero Pekkonen, Petri Auvinen, Filip Scheperjans
  • changing of skin and gut microbiotas in ordinary life: cosmetics and bowel
    Lorenzo Drago
  • moody microbes or fecal phrenology: what do we know about the microbiota-gut-brain axis?
    Paul Forsythe
  • study of bovine milk microbiota biodiversity in autoctonous italian breeds
    Giulio Curone, Paola Cremonesi, Federica Riva, Maria Filippa Addis, Lauretta Turin, Claudia Pollera, Marco Severgnini, Joel Filipe Filipe, Dario Calonzi, Daniele Vigo, Paolo Moroni, Valerio Bronzo, Bianca Castiglioni
  • a novel organo-metallic coating for the prevention of adherence and proliferation of multidrug resistant a. baumannii and vancomycin resistant e. faecalis on orthopaedic biomaterials
    Dioscaris Garcia
  • gut microbiota, antimicrobial resistance and prostate cancer – a multi-improd study
    Eveliina Munukka, Marianne Gunell, Juha Knaapila, Tarja Lamminen, Anniina Rintala, Erkki Eerola, Antti J Hakanen, Pentti Huovinen, Peter J BoströM
  • response of gut bacteria to host starvation: understanding the mechanisms of risk factors to develop an eating disorder
    Jonathan Breton, Justine Jacquemot, Romain Legrand, Camille Leclerc, Pierre DéChelotte, Sergueï O. Fetissov
  • maternal microbiota sets neonatal innate immune system development
    Mercedes Gomez De Aguero
  • probiotics prevents ovariectomy induced bone loss and induce bone anabolism in normal mice by decreasing gut permeability and inducing wnt10b production.
    Roberto Pacifici
  • tools and approaches to achieve strain resolution analyses of the microbiota
    Ekaterina Avershina, Inga Leena Angell, Knut Rudi
  • population dynamics of the faecal microbiota of forage-fed horses in new zealand
    Karlette Anne Fernandes, Chris W Rogers, Erica K Gee, Sandra Kittelmann, Charlotte F Bolwell, Emma N Bermingham, Patrick J Biggs, David G Thomas
  • the gastrointestinal tract in-a-box: miniaturized artificial gut system to study the human gut microbiome
    Sa Xiao
  • ethyl pyruvate: an anti-microbial agent that selectively targets pathobionts and biofilms
    Tewodros Debebe, Monika KrüGer, Klaus Huse, Johannes Kacza, Katja MüHlberg, Brigitte KöNig, Gerd Birkenmeier
  • targeting gut microbiota in obesity and ibd: protective effects of selected probiotic strains
    Alard Jeanne, VéRonique Peucelle, Denise Boutillier, JéRéMy Desramaux, JerôMe Breton, Sarah Kuylle, Bruno Pot, Sophie Holowacz, Corinne Grangette
  • bifidobacterium breve m4a and bifidobacterium longum subsps. longum fa1 reduced weight gain and hepatic lipid droplets in young mice fed high-fat
    Mustafa Alsharafani
  • unraveling the effects of restricted and ad libitum diets on intestinal microbiota in rabbits
    Maria Velasco, Marc ViñAs, Miriam Piles, Juan Pablo SáNchez
  • associations between vitamin d, systemic inflammation and symbiotic supplementation: a randomized clinical trial
    Cecilia Mr Carvalho, Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro
  • skin microbiome: cosmetic strategies useful in microflora disorders
    Priscilla Capra, Mariella Bleve, Sara Asticcioli, Paola Perugini
  • impact of a blenderized diet on the microbiome of medically complex pediatric patients dependent on g-tube feeding
    Annika Flint, Kelsey Gallagher, Marialena Mouzaki, Andrea Carpenter, Beth Haliburton, Louise Bannister, Holly Norgrove, Lisa Hoffman, David Mack, Margaret Marcon, Alain Stintzi
  • microbiome characterization in coronary artery disease patients
    Laetitia Schramm, James Butcher, Farrah Ahmed, Benjamin Chow, Girish Dwivedi, Alain Stintzi
  • microbiota development in very low birthweight infants exclusively fed mother's own milk
    James Butcher, Jennifer Li, Guillaume Romain, Walid Mottawea, Iris Lui, David Mack, Alain Stintzi, Sharon Unger, Deborah L O’Connor
  • detection of tissue-specific biomarkers in oral squamous cell carcinoma from a sudanese cohort of patients
    Nuha Mohamed Gaafar, Tarig Al-Hadi Osman, Israa Ahmed, Mariam El-Sheikh, Elisabeth Sivy Nginamau, Anne Christine Johannessen, Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman, Daniela Elena Costea
  • methodology challenges in studying human gut microbiota – comparison of illumina and ion torrent ngs platforms
    Hana Cipcic Paljetak, Anja Baresic, Mihaela Peric, Marina Panek, Mario Matijasic, Darija Vranesic Bender, Ana Kunovic, Zeljko Krznaric, Donatella Verbanac
  • amino acid availability, the gut microbiome and colonic genotoxicity
    Eiman Abdulla Al Hinai, Serge George, Gemma E Walton, Daniel M Commane
  • colonization with human adhd gut microbiota influences brain structure and function in mice
    Anouk C Tengeler, Maximilian Wiesmann, Alejandro Arias-Vasquez, Barbara Franke, Arend Heerschap, Tamas L Kozicz, Amanda J Kiliaan
  • identification of two probiotic strains able to prevent skin inflammation in a murine model
    Sophie Holowacz, Isabelle Guinobert, AngèLe Guilbot, Sophie Hidalgo-Lucas, Jean-FrançOis Bisson
  • collapse of human scalp microbiome network in dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis
    Hye-Jin Kim, Taehun Park, Susun An, Woo Jun Sul
  • does host immunity contribute to susceptibility to infection? the role of mait cells in clostridium difficile infection.
    Ashley D Smith, Irma T Zhang, Alyxandria M Schubert, Nicole P Giordano, Jessica E Hastie, Siobhan C Cowley, Paul E Carlson Jr.
  • simultaneous dna, rna, and protein isolation from microbial cells: sample prep to facilitate a detailed microbiome analysis of stool
    Heather Callahan, Eddie Adams, Victoria Nieciecki, Sandrine Miller
  • microbiota and hepatic encephalopathy: microbial dynamics and metabolism upon prebiotic, antibiotic and probiotic treatment
    Andrea Mancini, Francesca Campagna, Piero Amodio, Cecilia Pravadelli, Kieran Tuohy
  • the relationship between mass spectrometry bacterial markers and percentage of weight loss during detoxification therapy programs
    Ivan Pchelin, Yulia Fedorova, Elina Vasilyeva
  • protocols for the derivation of germfree zebrafish embryos, confirming their sterility, and establishing infection
    Andrew King
  • distinctive features of microbiota from patients with crohn`s disease
    Aleksander Manolov, Aleksander Tyakht, Daria Rakitina, Julia Baikova, Valentina Ladygina, Elena Kostryukova, Tatyana Semashko, Andrei Larin, Tatyana Grigoryeva, Petr Shcherbakov, Anastasiya Kharitonova, Igor Khalif, Marina Shapina, Igor Maev, Dmitriy Andreev, Vlad Babenko, Roman Gorodnichev, Elena Ilina, Vadim Govorun
  • gut microbiota composition in cystic fibrosis children and adolescents: a metagenomic approach
    Vania Patrone, Sara Federici, Francesco Miragoli, Annalisa Rebecchi, Eugenia Bruzzese, Vittoria Buccigrossi, Alfredo Guarino, Maria Luisa Callegari
  • association between co-occurrence and appearance of microbes over time and mouse co-location
    Thierry Van Effelterre, Dea Rynanda Putri, Xuesong Zhang, Marcus Rauch, Martin J. Blaser, Luc Bijnens
  • an evaluation of the bacterial colonization of the colon and its role in development of colorectal cancer
    Caspar Bundgaard-Nielsen, Ulrik Baandrup, Lars Peter Nielsen, Suzette SøRensen
  • gut microbiota-dependent predatory responses in p. pacificus: surplus killing behavior
    Nermin Akduman
  • p24 levels in vitro are affected positively or negatively depending by the production site of the probiotic
    Gabriella D'ettorre, Noemi Giustini, Sara Serafino, Ivan Schietroma, Giuseppe Corano Scheri, Saeid Najafi Fard, Giancarlo Ceccarelli, Carolina Scagnolari, Vincenzo Vullo
  • comparison of sampling kits and dna isolation kits for the 16s rdna sequencing analysis
    Kristyna Smerkova, Barbora Hanakova, Karel Sedlar, Eva Budinska
  • identification of novel host proteins responding to akkermansia muciniphila-derived mediators
    Eun-Young Lee, Hyun-Kwan Kim, Dong-Ho Chang, Byoung-Chan Kim, Myung Hee Kim
  • discovery of microbiota signatures in association with major depressive disorder in taiwan
    Yu-Chu Ella Chung, Hsi-Chung Chen, Hsiang-Chin Lori Chou, Meei-Shyuan Lee, Li-Chung Chuang, Yen-Hsuan Ni, Wei-Liang Shih, Po-Hsiu Kuo
  • functional dysbiosis of gut microbiota related to systemic inflammation in hiv infection
    Jorge F VáZquez-Castellanos, Sergio Serrano-Villar, Nuria JiméNez-HernáNdez, MaríA Dolores Soto Del Rio, Sara Gayo, Santiago Moreno, Vicente Estrada, Amparo Latorre, AndréS Moya, Maria Jose Gosalbes
  • investigations on the potential radio-protective properties of edible cyanobacterium during pelvic irradiation in a mouse model
    Wannes Van Beeck, Mieke Verslegers, Sarah Baatout, Mohamed Mysara, Pieter Monsieurs, Natalie Leys, Sarah Lebeer, Felice Mastroleo
  • potential prebiotic effects of softwood hemicelluloses
    Vivien Deloule, Christine Chirat, Claire Boisset, Jadwiga Chroboczek, Bertrand Toussaint
  • navy bean supplementation enhances akkermansia muciniphila abundance and epithelial barrier integrity and reduces visceral adipose tissue inflammation during diet-induced obesity
    Jennifer Monk, Dion Lepp, Wenqing Wu, Daniela Graf, Danyelle Liddle, Amber Hutchinson, Lindsay Robinson, Krista Anne Power
  • introducing forest plot in representing the relative abundance analysis using parametric and non-parametric models in type 1 diabetes (t1d) human infant gut microbiome
    Dea Rynanda Putri, Kathy Mutambanengwe, Luc Bijnens
  • genetically and dietary induced obesity associate differently with gut microbiota in a murine intestinal tumorigenesis model
    Knut Rudi, Jane Ludvigsen, Hubert Dirven, Inger-Lise Steffensen
  • transition from infant- to adult-like microbiota – where do bacteria come from?
    Ekaterina Avershina
  • multi-omics analysis of microbial and microbiome samples
    Sandrine Miller
  • potency of a propionate-producing microbial consortium for restoring gut microbial functionality in gut dysbiosis
    Racha El Hage, Tom Van De Wiele, Emma Hernandez-Sanabria, Massimo Marzorati
  • utilization of lactose by fibrobcter succinogenes, a major cellulolytic bacterium in the rumen
    Makoto Mitsumori, Ines Ghali, Ahmad Sofyan, Takumi Shinkai
  • bacteriophages for improving human health: from food additives to dietary supplements
    Alexander Sulakvelidze
  • infant gut mycobiota and fungal transfer from mother to child
    Kasper Schei
  • safety and preliminary efficacy of potential vaginal probiotics in healthy volunteers
    Reet MäNdar, Mariheleen Rostok, Pirje HüTt, Tiiu RööP, Imbi Smidt, Jelena Stsepetova, Andres Salumets
  • do agavins exert the same prebiotic effect as inulins?
    Mercedes G LóPez, Alicia Huazano-GarcíA
  • intestinal atrophy following ileostomy is associated with dysbiosis
    Emma Leigh Beamish, Judith Johnson, Elisabeth Shaw, Nigel Scott, Arnab Bhowmick, Rachael Rigby
  • shotgun sequencing of total rna as a novel method to define microbiota community structures
    Fabien Cottier
  • gut microbiota and stool composition in patients with short bowel syndrome dependent on total parenteral nutrition
    Monika Cahova, Martin Kostovcik, Tomas David, Jaromir Hradecky, Lukas Bajer, Petr Wohl
  • characteristics of bacterial composition in saliva of edentulous adults
    Yoshihisa Yamashita, Toru Takeshita, Michiko Furuta, Kenji Takeuchi, Yukie Shibata, Toshiharu Ninomiya
  • chemotherapy impact on the gut microbiome of patient-derived tumor xenograft models
    Cindy Pensec, Alessandra De Martino, Imodi Consortium, Sophie Le Fresne, Audrey Groh, Yao Amouzou, SéBastien Leuillet, Dominique Guenot, Mario Campone, Thomas Carton, FrançOise Le Vacon
  • long lasting effect of skin microbiome modulation induced by probiotic solution application
    Bernhard Paetzold
  • impact of enterobius vermicularis infection and mebendazole treatment on intestinal microbiota and host immune response
    Chin-An Yang, Chia-Li Lin, Chiung-Tzu Hsiao, Chao Liang, Ching-Tien Peng, Jan-Gowth Chang
  • where are the standards? needs for universal microbiota analysis
    Francisco M Codoner, Juan F Martinez, Eric Climent, Cristina Moya, Mari Carmen Solaz, Juan UreñA, Daniel Ramon
  • tsi - a low volume small intestine in vitro model with increased throughput
    Tomasz Cieplak, Maria Weise, Dennis Sandris Nielsen, Franciscus Winfried J Van Der Berg
  • 16s rrna gene-based characterization of the chicken caecal microbiome across age
    Medelin Ocejo, Beatriz Oporto, Anders Lanzen, Christopher Quince, Ana Hurtado
  • living environment modifies the mouse microbiota and alleviates allergic inflammation
    Noora Ottman, Alina Suomalainen, Jenni LehtimäKi, Maili Lehto, Piia Karisola, Ilkka Hanski, Lasse Ruokolainen, Nanna Fyhrquist
  • associating a specific gut microbiome with kidney stone disease
    Kelvin Paul Davies, Saman Moazami, Zigui Chen, Ilir Agalliu, Robert Burk, Joshua Stern
  • study of the intestinal microbiome in the progression of sporadic colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence
    Giorgia Mori, Beatrice Silvia Orena, Federica Armanini, Nicola Segata, Giulia De Maio, Claudia Rengucci, Giulia Barbieri, Alessandro Passardi, Andrea Casadei Gardini, Giovanni Luca Frassineti, Alessandra Albertini, Guglielmina Nadia Ranzani, Daniele Calistri, Maria Rosalia Pasca
  • fecal, oral and mother’s milk microbiota in healthy, term infants at 20 days.
    Sara Quercia
  • the human colostrum microbiota and auto-contractive maps: a new tool for the metagenomics data analysis
    Roberta De Grandi, Marco Toscano, Enzo Grossi, Ezio Maria Padovani, Diego Giampietro Peroni, Lorenzo Drago
  • candidate probiotic strains, with immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects, isolated from traditional italian dairy products
    Maria Luigia Pallotta, Franca Rossi, Carmela Amodoro, Roberto Pizzuto, Maurizio Gasperi, Giampaolo Colavita
  • mynewgut: insulin resistance as key factor for linking modulation of gut microbiome to health claims and dietary recommendations to tackle obesity
    Stoffer Loman, Jan-Willem Van Der Kamp
  • a fish oil emulsified polysaccharide fraction of anoectochilus formosanus modulates gut microbiota and allergic asthma in a murine model
    Chang-Chi Hsieh, Yi-Lun Huang, Wen-Chuan Lin
  • changes in the lung microbiome in relation to anti-pseudomonal therapy in children with cystic fibrosis
    Lenka Kramná, Pavel DřEvíNek, Jake Lin, Michal Kulich, OndřEj Cinek
  • a multi-species probiotic effectively modulates the intestinal microbiota and morphology of tilapia, oreochromis niloticus
    Benedict Standen, Ana Rodiles, Goncalo Santos, Jutta Kesselring, Daniel Merrifield
  • target-specific modulation of complex gut microbiota using novel dna-based nanoparticle therapeutics
    Nichola Wong, Melinda Mayer, Michael Mcarthur, Arjan Narbad
  • interest of the simplified in vitro gastro-duodeno-ileal model (gdim) to assess the performance of oral forms of probiotics
    Sarah Kuylle, Mathieu Sugner, Olivier Le Goff, Sylvain Denis, StéPhanie Blanquet-Diot, Monique Alric, Sophie Holowacz, Michel Dubourdeaux, FrançOis Paul
  • habitat and indigenous gut microbes contribute the plasticity of gut microbiome in oriental river prawn facing rapid environmental change
    Cheng-Yu Chen, Daryi Wang
  • curing/remission of multiple autoimmune diseases is possible by manipulation of the human gut microbiome: the effect of a lectin limited, polyphenol enriched, prebiotic/probiotic regimen in 78 patients
    Steven Gundry, Steven Gundry
  • influence of probiotics on inflammation in patients(pts) on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis(capd)
    Diana Yonova, Ivan Trendafilov, Ina Georgieva, Velimir Papazov, Adriana Tcakova
  • the skin microbiota and allergic sensitization in children and teenagers in rural and urban environments
    Jenni LehtimäKi, Antti Karkman, Lasse Ruokolainen
  • endotoxin-producing gut opportunistic pathogens as causative agents for human obesity
    Na Fei, AuréLia Bruneau, Philippe GéRard, Liping Zhao
  • isolation of novel strict anaerobic microbes from healthy korean and their beneficial physiological effects to host
    Dong-Ho Chang, Byoung-Chan Kim
  • gut microbiota and semen quality
    Pavel Nesmiyanov, Andrey Strygin, Boris Tolkachev, Anna Dotsenko, Anna Strygina
  • improvement of intestinal mucosa after probiotic supplementation in hiv-1 patients
    Ivan Schietroma, Noemi Giustini, Sara Serafino, Giuseppe Corano Scheri, Saeid Najafi Fard, Giacomo Rossi, Gabriella De Girolamo, Carla Selvaggi, Gianfranco Fanello, Giancarlo Ceccarelli, Mauro Andreotti, Carolina Scagnolari, Vincenzo Vullo, Gabriella D'ettorre
  • transcriptional and functional analyses of the gene encoding anti-inflammatory peptides by faecalibacterium prausnitzii a2-165
    Sriti Burman, Thomas Stoll, Dorota Buczek, Michelle Hill, Philippe Langella, Paraic O Cuiv, Mark Morrison
  • probiotics supplementation modulates ifn-i/ii response and their relationships with csf-mirnas levels in treated hiv-1 positive patients with suppressed viremia.
    Giuseppe Corano Scheri, Carla Selvaggi, Noemi Giustini, Sara Serafino, Ivan Schietroma, Giancarlo Ceccarelli, Mauro Andreotti, Guido Antonelli, Vincenzo Vullo, Gabriella D'ettorre, Carolina Scagnolari
  • identification of blood microbiota alteration associated with liver fibrosis in obese patients.
    Benjamin Lelouvier, Florence Servant, Remy Burcelin, Jacques Amar
  • effects of microbiota modulation on gastrointestinal mucus formation and host defense responses
    Adrian Su Niemann, Christoph ThöRinger
  • structuring genetic and taxonomic diversity in gut microbes of lizards affected by a quick dietary change.
    Chloé Vigliotti, Eric Bapteste, Michel Habib, Anthony Herrel, Philippe Lopez
  • the antigen caip promotes inflammatory-dependent mechanisms responsible for atherosclerosis progression in helicobacter cinaedi-infected patients
    Mario Milco D'elios, Francesca Vallese, Marisa Benagiano, Maria Lina Bernardini, Mauro Ferrari, Giuseppe Zanotti, Marina De Bernard, Gaia Codolo
  • a comparison of the microbiomes of lungs of cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis patients
    Honghua Hu, Khalid Johani, Samantha Sundercombe, Mark Elkins, Peter Bye, Jim Manos, Barbara Rose, Karen Vickery
  • chronic psychosocial stress in children and gut health
    Nathalie Michels, Stefaan De Henauw, Tom Van De Wiele
  • microbiota dysbiosis induced by defect of enteric antimicrobial activity triggers visceral hypersensitivity in young adult mice
    Ambre Riba, MaïWenn Olier, Sonia Lacroix-Lamandé, Corinne Lencina, Valerie Bacquié, Cherryl Harkat, Marion Gillet, Caroline Sommer, Christel Salvador-Cartier, Fabrice Laurent, Vassilia Theodorou, Sandrine Menard
  • sex-specific impact of neonatal maternal separation on fecal microbiota signatures in young adult mice
    MaïWenn Olier, Ambre Riba, Claire Naylies, Caroline Sommer, Corinne Lencina, Hervé Robert, Yannick Lippi, Vassilia Theodorou, Sandrine Menard
  • pyrosequencing revealed species-specific bacterial communities and metabolic pathways in nine species of captive non-human primates with similar diets
    Ling Zhang, Hua Li, André-Denis Wright, Hauke Smidt, Yao Zhao, Yuheng Luo
  • colonic bacteria and methanogens specificly response to different types of dietary fibers through the alteration of community, fermentation mode and metablic pathyways in swine and mice model
    Yuheng Luo, Ling Zhang, Hauke Smidt, André-Denis Wright, Hua Li, Yao Zhao, Daiwen Chen
  • blood levels of dopamine precursors moderate the gender-dependent association between toxoplasma gondii seropositivity and impulsivity
    Xiaoqing Peng, Lisa Brenner, Dietmar Fuchs, Christopher Lowry, Nadine Postolache, Maureen Groer, Thomas Cook, Dan Rujescu, Teodor Postolache
  • geographic differences in antibiotic resistance explained by horizontal gene transfer among gut symbionts in a honeybee model
    Jane Ludvigsen, Davide Porcellato, Gro Amdam, Trine L'abèE-Lund, Knut Rudi
  • interceptinghost microbial signalling for prevention of chronic pathogen establishment in respiratory disease microbiomes .
    Fergal O'gara, Fergal O'gara, Jerry Reen
  • the gut microbiota mobilome in preterm infants with and without necrotizing enterocolitis
    Anuradha Ravi, Eva Lena Estensmo, Trine L’AbéE-Lund, Steven Foley, Bernhard Allgaier, Camilia Martin, Erika Claud, Knut Rudi
  • the effects of intracolonic indole and hydrogen sulfide, gut-bacteria metabolites, on the circulatory system in rats.
    Marcin Ufnal, Adrian Drapala, Lenka Tomasova, Piotr Konopelski, Kinga Pham
  • insights into the composition of the vaginal microbial community in korean woman
    Sooyeon Lim, Sung Ki Lee, Byoung-Chan Kim
  • the neonatal microbiome: a review of the effects of birthing method, diet, and environment on the development of the human gut microbiome
    Caroline Wiswell, Caroline Wiswell
  • characterisation of microbial community composition, antimicrobial resistance and biofilm on intensive care surfaces
    Khalid Johani, Danya Abualsaud, Honghua Hu, Abdullah Al-Jiffri, Karen Vickery

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