Microbiota and autoimmune diseases: a shield or a sword?

Filippo Canducci Microbiota Congress2016During the 5th Targeting Microbiota World Congress 2017, Dr. Filippo Canducci from University of Insubria, Italy will present his study related to "Microbiota and autoimmune diseases: a shield or a sword?" .

According to Dr. Filippo Canducci: "In many autoimmune conditions an altered gut microbial composition is frequently observed.  This raises the question whether the reduction of protective microbes or the increase of pathobionts can influence host immune responses or may trigger or sustain the autoimmune condition. Moreover, a detailed species or strain-level identification may be necessary together with the microbiome analysis at different body sites in the gut to better understand the pathogeneses of autoimmune diseases and to plan preventive or therapeutic strategies."

For more information about Targeting Microbiota Congress, which will be held in Berlin on October 26-27, 2017: www.microbiota-site.com

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