Systemic immunity against selected gut microbes protects from atherosclerosis and wetsern-diet-related inflammation

Filippo Canducci Microbiota Congress2016Common features of immune-metabolic and inflammatory diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are an altered gut microbiota composition and a systemic pro-inflammatory state. In this publication, Pr Canducci and his team demonstrate that active immunization against the outer membrane protein of bacteria present in the gut enhances local and systemic immune control via apoE-mediated immune-modulation. Reduction of western-diet-associated inflammation was obtained for more than eighteen weeks after immunization. Immunized mice had reduced serum cytokine levels, reduced insulin and fasting glucose concentrations; and gene expression in both liver and visceral adipose tissue confirmed a reduced inflammatory steady-state after immunization. Moreover, both gut and atherosclerotic plaques of immunized mice showed reduced inflammatory cells and an increased M2 macrophage fraction.

These results will be presented during Targeting Microbiota World Congress, by Pr Filippo Canducci from San Raffaele Scientific Institute IRCCS, Italy, to be held at Institut Pasteur on October 17-19, 2016.

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