Targeting Microbiota 2022 Poster Presentation Award

Gilber Skorski Poster Award 2022

This year's ISM best poster award was discerned to Gilbert Skorski, Phylogene, France for his poster entitled "Metaproteomics As A Key Approach To Identify Impacts of High Fat (HIF) Diet on the Gut Microbiome".

"The microbiomes understanding progresses depend on the available analytical tools of the meta-omics disciplines. Among those, metaproteomics is the omics which is ideally positioned at the effective functional level , not potential level, which has the power of metagenomics with the proteogenomics approach, and which detects the host and microbiome proteins simultaneously in an untargeted  way.

For the next steps, PHYLOGENE team will go on developing the metaproteomics and dedicated bioinformatics tools, including in transomics approaches, to reveal the microbiomes functions impacted in diseases or disease treatment of gut, skin, eyes, bones and cartilages and others…"


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