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During Targeting Microbiota 2014 which was be held in Pasteur Institute, the Scientific Committee of International Society of Microbiota awarded:

- Dr. Gurumoorthy Krishnamoorthy for his Scientific Contribution about: "The gut-brain axis in the CNS autoimmunity"

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- Dr.Tewodros Debebe for his Short Oral Presentation about: "The microbiota of the long living naked mole rat". 

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- Dr. Laurent Naudon for his Poster Presentation about: "Overproduction of indole by gut microbiota increases anxiety and depressive-like behaviours in rats".

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The Ilogo-mito-group-text-V3nternational Society of Microbiota (ISM) published the final program of the 2nd World Congress on Microbiota which will be held at Pasteur Institute.

The ISM Scientific Committee highlighted the strategic role and vision concerning microbiota.

ISM was born from the Japanese fermentation “know-how” and its ability to test and validate a scientific solution to aged population. The idea of ISM is to bring a new level of understanding of microbiota science out of the classical existing point of view.


MicrobiotaSpeakersThe Scientific Committee thanks all well-known speakers of Targeting Microbiota World Congress:

David Berry, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Rémy Burcelin, INSERM, Toulouse, France
Patrice D. Cani, Louvain Drug Research Institute, Brussels, Belgium


conferThe Scientific Committee of Targeting Microbiota 2014 is pleased to accounce the list of posters accepted for Posters Presentations during Targeting Micorbiota World Congress which will be held at Pasteur Institute on October 16-17, 2014.

To access to the list of posters accepted, please click here.

To access to the list of short oral presentations accepted, please click here.


sponsorsThe Organising Committee of Targeting Microbiota 2014 thanks all industrial partners:
Libragen, DNA Genotek, Affymetrix eBioscience, Ninapharm for their support.

These companies will participate to Targeting Microbiota Congress and show their innovations and devices in microbiota field.



Pr Pierre-Henri Gouyon, from Museum of Natural History, Paris, France will open the congress by highlighting the evolution, competition & cooperation of cells & Microbiota.

According Pr Gouyon: “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of Evolution” Th. Dobzhansky stated in the mid XXth century. Indeed, our comprehension of biology lies on the theory developed by Darwin in 1859 and improved by the adjunction of genetics. Evolution proceeds by variations progressively lost or fixed through processes including chance and differential survival and/or reproductive success. The main process leading Evolution is thus the competition among different genetic entities through the differential success of the individuals carrying and reproducing them. But the fact that competition is a leading force does not imply that cooperation does not exist.

To access to the global program of the conference, please click here.

Targeting Microbiota 2014

Pasteur2During the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Congress on Targeting Microbiota, which will be held at Institut Pasteur, Paris on October 16-17,
Pr Christian Bréchot, Président of Institut Pasteur, will address his welcome and remarks.

He will be represented by Pr Philippe Sansonetti from Institut Pasteur, a well-known researcher in microbiota field.

To access to Targeting Microbiota Program, please follow this link.

To access to the list of attendees, please follow this link.

We look forward welcoming you at Pasteur Institute soon.

John Edwards

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